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  • Our members

  • On 25 June the Secretary of State announced a change to the membership model of the company. From midnight on 1 July 2015, the public members, who, until that date comprised 46 individuals providing a secondary governance role to hold the board of directors to account for its strategic leadership and management of Network Rail, ceased their membership leaving the special member, the Secretary of State, the sole member of Network Rail Limited.

    The role of public members was similar to the role of shareholders in public limited companies except that public members had no financial interest in Network Rail. Public members were appointed annually by an independent panel for a three year term.

    Annual Statement

    Network Rail’s members published the following annual statements summarising the main activities undertaken by the membership in holding the Network Rail Board to account and monitoring Network Rail’s management against high standards of corporate governance.

    Annual Statement 2013/14 (305 KB)
    Annual Statement 2012/13 (145 KB)