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  • What's happening in the North?

    The Northern Hub will transform rail travel across the North of England by allowing faster, more frequent trains to connect key towns and cities.

  • Our plans

    • Two new platforms at Manchester Piccadilly to allow more trains to run through rather than terminate in Manchester, providing more direct train services across the North
    • The Ordsall Chord to provide a link between Manchester Victoria and Manchester Piccadilly for better connections to key towns and cities and new direct services through Manchester city centre to Manchester Airport.
    • New tracks on the line between Leeds and Liverpool and between Sheffield and Manchester to allow fast trains between the major towns and cities to overtake slower trains
    • In advance of this work, Manchester Victoria will be transformed into a fitting gateway to the city

    Supporting the economy

    Northern Hub will stimulate economic growth by allowing the cities of the North to work much better together. These benefits will be felt across the North, not only where the improvements are made.

    It will add over £4.2billion of wider economic benefits to the North of England, including the costs of the new services. This reflects a return of over four pounds for every pound invested.

    Jobs, prosperity, growth

    An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 private sector jobs could be created across the North of England as a result of Northern Hub.

    Businesses on both sides of the Pennines will be able to recruit from a wider pool of talent while employees will be able to get to work quickly and easily.

    Business will also enjoy access to bigger markets while face-to-face meetings with clients, business partners and consultants - crucial to the running of a profitable and dynamic business - will become easier.

    The journey time reductions will allow rail to compete with road to provide quicker and more efficient journeys between city centres.

    Manufacturing trading links with other parts of the UK and mainland Europe will also improve as freight trains deliver goods to markets efficiently, enhancing the economic competitiveness of the Northern Hub area.

    Next steps

    Now that the Northern Hub has been fully funded, the next stage is for us to move forward into the detailed design phase and start work on the schemes as quickly as possible.

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  • Map showing Northern Hub improvements