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  • Improving King's Cross station

  • Kings Cross Square - (c) Hufton+Crow
    Image copyright Hufton+Crow
  • CompleteD

    We've renovated and expanded a beautiful Victorian structure to create a transport hub that is ready to accommodate the unprecedented numbers taking to the railways.

    The bright, spacious new concourse is the largest single-span structure in Europe. It opened in March 2012 in time to welcome the world for the Olympics.

    The project was completed with the revealing of the original station facade and the opening of the 75,000 sq ft King's Cross Square in front of the station.

  • King's Cross Square

    The final phase of the redevelopment was the creation of a 75,000 sq ft square in front of the station paved in York stone, bringing the grandness of Europe’s city railway stations to the heart of London.

    The square has granite benches, stunning lighting, trees and an area dedicated to art.

    The two Underground entrances in the square are being upgraded; a glass canopy provides covered access from the station.

    Transforming the area

    The station redevelopment has been the catalyst for one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe, attracting £2.2bn of private investment.

    67 acres of brown-field land is being developed into offices, retail and 2,000 homes.

    Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design has moved into renovated railway buildings to the north, construction is underway on Camden Council's new offices and work will start soon on Google’s UK HQ.


    Revealing the facade

    The old front extension has been demolished revelaing the facade of the Grade 1 listed building for the first time in 150 years.

    The restoration work was carried out in partnership with English Heritage.

    Restoring the station

    Designed by Lewis Cubitt in 1852, the station has been restored with original features retained wherever possible to safeguard its architectural integrity.

    In 2012, the restoration of the twin trainsheds was completed, letting light flood back in to the station.


    A greener station

    Solar panels have been added to the renovated train shed roofs. They cover 2,500m² and were placed at the apex of the lanterns to minimise visual impact. They generate up to 10% of the station’s energy requirements.

    A rainwater recycling scheme provides up to a third of the water used by the Eastern Range offices.

    Ready for London 2012

    When London was awarded the Olympic Games in 2005, planning for the redevelopment was already underway.

    We re-drew our timeline to make sure the new concourse would be ready for London 2012; it opened on 19 March, four months ahead of the Games.

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    Video: the extension is demolished and work begins on King's Cross Square

  • Image gallery

    King's Cross Square - artist's impression of the new square

    Before work on the square began; the facade obscured by the extension and BTP offices

    The square and restored facade with St Pancras in the background (artist's impression)

    View of the square from inside the station (artist's impression)

    King's Cross Square at night from Pentonville Road (artist's impression)


    Where the new square will be: view of the canopy (demolished in 2013) from Pentonville Road

    Demolishing the 1970s extension, January 2013

    Removing the floor of the 1970s concourse to reveal the roof of the Underground station ticket hall below

    King's Cross Square worksite pictured from the west tower

    View from the western tower; the holes are for the foundations of the glass canopy


    Preparing to lay the York stone paving