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  • Signalling, power and communications portfolio range

  • The SP&C National Programme is one of four national programme teams.

    It was established to deliver predominately signalling, telecoms, electrification and fixed plant asset renewals nationally. Enhancement projects will also be delivered where there is a synergy with the core activities that SP&C specialise in delivering. The ERTMS Cambrian First Deployment project is also part of SP&C National Programme.

    SP&C National Programme organisation

    The programme director is located in London. The structure of the supporting asset-focused delivery teams is outlined below.

    Signalling and Communications Programme team

    The Signalling and Communications Programme team is comprised of the following departments:

    • LST, accountable for signalling renewals projects from GRIP stages 1 to 8 in LNE, LNW and Scotland territories
    • Western delivery team, accountable for signalling renewals projects from GRIP stages 1 to 8 in South East band Western territories and any national signalling projects
    • SLS delivery team, accountable for telecoms renewals projects from GRIP stage 3 to 8
    • Commercial team
    • HSQE team
    • Programme Engineering team, undertaking signalling sponsorship & development and engineering design
    • Co-located with the SP&C Programme team is a dedicated Programme Controls team
    • Programme Engineering offices at Croydon, Swindon, Birmingham, York, Crewe, Reading and Glasgow
    • Programme Delivery offices at Waterloo, Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester, York and Glasgow
    • Major Projects offices are formed as each major project develops through its early GRIP stages. Currently major project teams exist for South Wales re-signalling, East Kent, Colchester to Clacton, Glasgow, West Midlands and East Midlands.

    Electrification and Plant (Power) team

    The Electrification and Plant (Power) team is comprised of the following departments:

    • London North Eastern/Scotland, covered by the York and Glasgow offices
    • London North West/Western, covered by the Birmingham and Swindon offices
    • South East (Distribution), covered by the London office
    • South East (Contact Systems and Plant), covered by the London office
    • Commercial team
    • Engineering team, undertaking power project sponsorship, development and engineering design.
    • HSQE team


    SP&C has its own in-house design capability. The Programme Engineering Department manages in-house design offices for the SP&C functions.

    The in-house engineering design teams provide a design service to the project engineering teams for both outline and detailed designs.


    The Head of Commercial (SP&C) acts as the commodity lead for Signalling, E&P and Telecoms procurement on behalf of the asset and the wider Infrastructure Investment community.

    Specific procurement and delivery strategies have been identified for each market segment with the intention of integrating our approach with the supply chain for both renewals and enhancements.

    Programme work type categorisation

    All the assets have been categorised into bespoke work types.

    Signalling has been broken down into:

    • Type A – Major re-signalling and remodelling
    • Type B – Re-signalling (full or partial)
    • Type C – Minor works
    • Type D – Level crossings
    • Type E – Control system buildings
    • Type G – Modular re-signalling

    Telecoms has been broken down into:

    • Scenario 1 – Large telephone concentrators
    • Scenario 2 – DOO CCTV
    • Scenario 3 – PETS
    • Scenario 4 – Small telephone concentrators
    • Scenario 5 – Voice recorders
    • Scenario 6 – Customer information systems
    • Scenario 7 – Long line public address
    • Scenario 8 – Cable and route works
    • Scenario 9 – Miscellaneous work types

    E&P has been broken down into:

    • Electrification
    • Distribution including feeder cables, switchgear and transformers
    • Contact systems including overhead line and third rail
    • SCADA systems
    • Plant (fixed)
    • Points heating
    • Signalling power supplies
    • Other miscellaneous work types (including pumps and swing bridges)

    Signalling, power and communications - anticipated tender programme

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