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  • Services provided by Network Rail

    We can provide a range of services in order to facilitate an enhancement project under the appropriate template agreement.

  • Assessing the need

    Projects must be considered on an individual basis to determine the specific requirements and whether provision of a particular service is appropriate. Typically, Network Rail and the promoter will review these and agree upon which services are appropriate.

    In broad terms, these services can be categorised as follows:

    Development, design management and implementation services

    You may also want us to provide additional services, whether or not the enhanced assets are owned by you or transferred to us upon completion. These include project development, design and implementation, and are subject to a number of criteria, including agreement over resources, costs, funding and that there is no conflict with our licence obligations and duties. We have skills, expertise and knowledge in a number of areas – for example, timetable planning – which could allow your scheme to progress more quickly .

    Asset protection services

    We will facilitate your scheme by providing certain network operator functions. These include providing asset information, booking and planning possessions, providing access to the network and engineering safety management processes leading to acceptance back into use. These services will be provided on fair and reasonable terms.