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  • Level crossing alerts on your sat nav

  • Screen shot of level crossings sat nav app that highlights a Level Crossing as car approachesThe level crossing alert in action

    Britain's motorists can now benefit from a world first in satellite navigation technology which we hope will reduce unsafe driver behaviour by warning motorists when they approach one of the level crossings around the country.

    Developed in association with Garmin, it works in a similar way to the speed camera alerts that many people have on their sat navs, warning drivers with a cheery train whistle and an on-screen ‘X’ when they approach a level crossing.

    We hope the new technology will encourage safer motoring and reduce the number of incidents which cause damage, disruption and a number of deaths each year.

    The free download is available for Garmin's nüvi and nüLink sat navs.

    We are also looking into developing an intelligent version where motorists can choose routes that avoid level crossings or alter the route to avoid a level crossing where the barriers are down if there is a quicker alternative route.

    Network Rail director of operational services Dyan Crowther said: "Motorists that jump the lights or smash into barriers as they try and beat them coming down can cause great disruption and cost to the network, so we're always looking at new ways in which we can reduce the risk of incidents at level crossings."

    Download the free level crossing alert from Garmin

    Level crossings guide for drivers

    Find out what to look out for and how to stay safe at level crossings with our interactive guide and downloadable leaflet.

    Level crossings guide for drivers

  • Get your free download

    The free download for Garmin nüvi and nüLink sat navs can be downloaded from their website:

  • Contact us

    If a level crossing or any part of the railway is causing a problem or you want information, email us or call:

    03457 11 41 41

    If you see anyone deliberately misusing a crossing, please call the British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or the Police on 999.