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  • Our Promise and Principles

    We want to make Network Rail an outstanding organisation to work for: outstanding in the way we operate, in the way we deliver our services and in the way we manage our business. But to do that we have to change.

  • Customer service assistant helping a passenger

    Our Promise and;Principles focus on how we will achieve the change that we need; without it we will never be able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, or achieve our ambition of becoming an irreplaceable part of a railway that is acclaimed as one of the best in Europe, if not the world.

    Why is our promise important?

    Our promise is an internal statement designed to focus all our efforts and energy towards one goal: delivering the timetable. Because everything we do, from planning the network to delivering the timetable, is about providing passengers and freight users with safe, reliable and punctual trains. When we say a train will run, we keep our word.

    Rail is vital to Britain's future. The promise is our statement of intent, to encourage us to work together towards a common purpose.

    Everybody's time is important to us, whoever they are, whatever they do and wherever they travel. The timetable is our promise. When we promise a train can run it will run … safely, punctually and reliably. And we promise that more trains will be able to run next year.

    We can only achieve our promise if we all work together and change the way we behave. That is why our promise is inextricably linked to our values and principles, which are what we believe will make us successful.

    Our principles

    Our principles guide us to make better decisions as we all work together to deliver our promise. The principles encourage us to be responsive to one another – and that means being more flexible and innovative to make things better. Sticking to our principles means working as one team, being transparent, supportive and decisive.

    • I will always put safety first.

    • I will respect the principle that everybody's time is important.

    • I will always get a clear agreement about what is to be done, before starting.

    • I will do what I said I agreed to do and by the time I said it would be done.

    • I will always seek smarter and faster ways to do my job and learn from my mistakes.
    • I will work with others to help them achieve their goals.

    • I will be honest about the challenges I face in doing what I said I would do.

    • Everything I say to be true will be true.

    • I will take personal accountability for the output of my team.

    • I will lead by example, living these principles and the Network Rail values, every day.

    You will see and hear more about these, and your first task in your new role is to work out what these mean to you, and what they might look like in practice.

  • Daryll Egleton, track operative
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