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  • National Electronic Sectional Appendix

  • Freight train on the move in the countrysideAs described in the Network Capability pages, a considerable amount of detailed information is contained in the National Electronic Sectional Appendix (NESA).

    It also contains other data useful to operators that is not directly relevant to network capability.

    NESA is an electronic data source with significant advantages over a hard copy publication. These include:

    • Search tools for locations, routes and key words
    • Information can be accessed easily across Network Rail route boundaries
    • Network maps enable a user to navigate through the data by linked references
    • A route builder facility that allows a user to create bespoke routings to match their needs
    • On-line editing capability ensures it is up-to-date

    Across the network, changes arise every week (eg from track renewals to major construction activity) which are published first in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON) and rapidly incorporated in NESA.

    How to subscribe

    To access the NESA you need:

    • Access to the internet
    • A Network Rail Portal account with access to the NESA website
    • Scaleable vector graphics (SVG) viewer software so you can view the route maps and track diagrams

    To set up a Portal account and access to NESA, email with the following information:

    • The organisation which you represent
    • Your name and role within your organisation
    • Your work email address

    NB the NESA mailbox is for access requests only. To raise any other issues regarding NESA please email

    We can normally confirm registration and account details within 10 working days.

    System requirements

    The NESA track diagrams (known as Table A diagrams) are rendered in a format known as scaleable vector graphics (SVG).

    To view these, you need a suitable SVG viewer on your computer or device. Many of these (such as Adobe SVG viewer) can be downloaded free from the web. Some viewers can be implemented as a plug-in to Internet Explorer and other browsers. Your IT department should be able to advise you.

    Accessing NESA

    Once registration has been completed we will send you an email, with a unique username and password, explaining how to access NESA.