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  • Rail freight resource centre

  • Map of UK showing our 10 routes

    We're competitive, sustainable and growing

    • Rail freight has grown by around 50% over the last 10 years with further growth forecast as customers realise the benefits
    • Our market share has increased by 40% over the last 10 years
    • Freight is ompetitive - there are seven operators on the network with others preparing to enter the market
    • We serve a wide range of British industry
    • We are reaching new markets such as supermarket goods
    • Rail freight is sustainable, creating much lower CO2 and other emissions than rival land transport modes
    • Rail freight is safe

    What we do

    • We provide open access for operators on our network
    • We provide independent freight advice to the industry
    • We've reduced the freight charges for using the network by a third since April 2009
    • We've improved the performance and timekeeping of freight trains
    • We work with operators and developers to commission dozens of new rail-served freight sites
    • We are committed to grow freight on the network
    • We are committed to work with customers and stakeholders and fulfill their business needs


    See our contact us page to find the Senior Route Freight Manager for your area.